NFL Play 60: Encouraging the Community

The community was encouraged to play outside at the NFL Play 60

The NFL Play 60 event took place this past Friday at the Hall of Fame Sports Complex. Held by The Jersey Dairy Cattle Convention, kids of all ages made way to the sport fields and were excited to get outside and play a variety of games. During the event Jamel White, former Browns player, and Lomas Brown, former Lions player, encouraged everyone to get outside and play!

Jamel White said to the kids, “When we played at that high level of playing, we were forced to take care of our bodies. When we were younger we got outside and we played! Now, this means everyone has to that put down those iPads, stop texting, stop snapchatting, playing Fortnite and go outside! You guys are going to have to start going outside without your parents telling you to go outside.”

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